Alicante and Murcia´s united front

Alicante and Murcia´s united front
Alicante and Murcia´s united front Credit: Wikipedia

THE municipalities of Murcia and Alicante have joined forces to demand more funds to go towards their public services. 

Mayors Jose Ballesta and Luis Barcala have signed a manifesto outlining the funding necessary to supplement further growth in the cities. They also commented last week on how both communities are generating substantial revenue for Spain but are not seeing any kind of increase to their budgets to compensate their efforts. 

Murcia recorded the highest population increase over the past two decades with 80,000 new inhabitants. However, they are still being awarded just half of what Valencia is getting for each inhabitant. 

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An increase to the budget should allow both communities to improve their infrastructure as well as financing social aid. The Alicante railway service is of particular importance as close to a quarter of the trains that pass through the station are delayed due to a poor rail network. 

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