Upping action on litter louts

Upping action on litter louts
CAPTION: INTOLERABLE: The council says greater efforts will be made to watch out for people failing to comply with waste deposit regulations. CREDIT: Adra Council

THROWING waste into skips outside the established times, leaving trash bags outside containers, tossing litter or sunflower seeds onto the ground in public places, not picking up doggie doo.  

This is just the kind of behaviour which Adra Council says does nothing for the municipality’s image and which the local authority is intensifying its efforts to prevent. 

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The councillors with responsibility for Cleaning and for Safety, Jose Crespo and Patricia Berenguel respectively, met this week with local police and municipal cleaning service representatives to identify problem issues and to set out measures aimed at addressing this type of unneighbourly conduct. 

There will now be greater vigilance to watch out for anti-social actions of this nature on the streets. There will also be increased controls on seafront promenades and beaches to ensure beachgoers comply with waste deposit regulations.  

“We want all Adra residents and visitors to enjoy an increasingly clean and well looked after town”, commented Jose Crespo. 

He said the idea was to up coordination between the services for everyone’s benefit. 

Patricia Berenquel remarked the meeting had been “more than necessary, because we have to raise awareness among the population that there is certain behaviour which cannot be tolerated.” 


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