Sad death of a whale off the coast of the Costa del Sol

Sad death of a whale off the cost of the Costa del Sol
Caption: The dead whale was towed into port Credit: Marbella se queja

AFTER a large pod of whales was spotted and filmed off the coast of Denia, it would appear that they travelled south but then tragedy struck off the coast of Marbella. 

Last Friday, a single large whale, was killed when reportedly hit by a boat’s propeller and it was decided to bring the body of the dead whale into the fishing port in the city by the local Health Department and Civil Protection unit in order for it to be removed from the sea. 

Once out of the water the body was transferred so that fishery experts could discover whether it was ill and therefore was unable to avoid the vessel or if it was simply unfortunate and suffered a killing stroke from the propeller. 

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