Compensation for illegal builds

Compensation for illegal builds
CAPTION: PENDING: The compensation amount has yet to be established. CREDIT:

THE Almeria Provincial Court has sentenced two administrators of a property promotion company to pay compensation to some 30 foreign nationals, mainly British, who handed over money for houses built on land not classified for development in Los Llanos del Peral in Zurgena, Spanish press reported.  

According to Spanish media the court ruling found the two men guilty of land planning crimes, imposing a six-month prison sentence and fines of six euros a day for 12 months.  

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They are also prevented from working in any profession related to property promotion or construction for six months. 

The amount of compensation they must pay to the foreign buyers has not yet been established, but it will be calculated on the basis of what they paid for the propertiesSpanish media said. 

The court highlighted the point expatriates “paid out large amounts of money without obtaining anything in return.” 

The building works were halted by judicial order in January 2005.  


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