Youngsters take up clean coast cause

EXAMPLE: The Adra Mayor said the local community could learn a lot from the young people’s voluntary action CREDIT: Adra Council

SOME 50 young people in Adra decided to do their bit to care for the local coastline.

The group set about collecting rubbish in the area surrounding the town port breakwater following a call for action on social media. Between them they filled around 20 trash bags.

Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes and members of his governing team went along to meet the youngsters.


Cortes thanked the group for their “worthy of respect” initiative and for their “voluntary participation” in the care and maintenance of the town.

He described their action as “an example” for the local community “from which we have to learn a great deal”, remarking that keeping the municipality rubbish-free “is a matter for everyone.”

Adra Council collaborated with the group on the clean-up efforts, providing materials like gloves, rubbish bags and the supervision of Civil Protection and the Local Police.


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