Lawyer caught speeding on way to Spanish court

Lawyer caught speeding on way to Spanish court
Lawyer caught speeding on way to Spanish court. Credit: Facebook @Autoescuela Tajo

A LAWYER from Yecla has allegedly been charged with reckless driving whilst on his way to court to represent a client who was charged with the same offence, according to a Government official.

The lawyer’s client was in a traffic accident last September and has been fighting a case since that time. He may now be in the same predicament after he was reportedly trying to make up time by speeding at over 200km/h down the A-33 from Murcia because he was late to the hearing. 

Coincidentally the same Guardia Civil officers who were supposed to testify in the court case against the lawyer’s client were the ones who ended up stopping him after a helicopter had been following the attorneys vehicle from Murcia. 


The charge for breaking the speed limit by such a large margin constitutes three to six months in jail, a €6,000 fine or community service. The lawyer’s own personal attorney has commented saying that although his client was driving fast, he was not reckless as nobody was in direct danger. 


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