Suspected thief found hiding under a bed

Suspected thief found hiding under a bed
CAPTION: YOU’RE NICKED! Guardia found one thief hidden under a bed and cuffed two others after a rooftop chase. CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

A SUSPECTED thief is under arrest after Guardia Civil officers found him hiding under a bed. 

He was one of four 23 to 32-year olds officers detained in connection with break-ins at two homes in Campohermoso. 

A member of the public alerted the Guardia to the robberies in the early hours of the morning. They reported they had seen several individuals clambering over a wall and walking across roofs.  


When a Guardia patrol arrived at the scene they surprised one burglar, who fled inside the first property. Officers caught up with him despite his best efforts to get away.  

Two others they came across inside the house got out onto an internal patio and up onto the roof. They made off with officers in hot pursuit until they ran out of escape options, and after putting up strong resistance were finally cuffed. 

The mother of the owner of the next door house let the officers in to take a look around, where they discovered the fourth member of the gang concealed below the bed. They also found a plastic bag containing stolen items. 

The Guardia said there were court orders for three of the suspects, who also have a record for similar crimes. 



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