Arrested for claiming Rolex was stolen in Spain

Arrested for claiming Rolex was stolen in Spain
SPOTTED: Police identified the man’s Rolex. Credit: Policia Nacional

AN IRISHMAN aged 56 has been arrested after he claimed to have been mugged for a €28,000 Rolex watch only to be seen wearing it when he arrived at the airport for a flight home. 

According to National police, the man had reported the watch stolen in Marbella’s plush marina of Puerto Banus when a stranger grabbed his arm. 

Police made investigations and quickly became suspicious of his story. So, when he arrived at the check in desk at Malaga-Costa del Sol airport they kept a close eye on him. 


Eagle eyed officers saw that he was wearing a Rolex watch and moved in to make an arrest. 

He was taken to police premises accused of filing a false report. Police say he admitted making the claim in order to collect on his insurance. 


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