Literature sparks celebrations in Orihuela

Orihuela City Council Launches Social Media Covid Campaign
CREDIT: Orihuela

THE Mayor of Orihuela Emilio Bascuñana has announced that the town is celebrating its literary heritage today.

The event started at 10.30am this morning at Puente de Levante to celebrate the UNESCO heritage award which Orihuela was nominated for recently.

The ‘Creative City’ award the town is nominated for pays homage to the famous writers that Orihuelahas produced, most notably the sombre war poet Miguel Hernandez.


The mayor asked everyone take a book along to the event in light of the nature of the celebration.

The council has plastered the pride of Orihuela all over social media with hashtags such as #OrihuelaCiudadLiteraria and #Orihuela UNESCO to reach as many people as possible.

To find out more about the event and the town’s involvement in the UNESCO competition visit the council run website


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