“Influencers” fall foul of photogenic Spanish Lake

“Influencers” fall foul of photogenic Spanish Lake
PHOTOGENIC LAKE: dangerous toxic levels don’t seem to be putting off social media bloggers. Credit: Facebook

MONTE NEME, in the northwestern coastal region of Carballois a‘go to’ area for Instagram bloggers and influencers due to its stunning azure colour and picturesque surroundings.

Hundreds of people travel to the lake,unofficially named the “’Galician Chernobyl”, to swim and take selfies.

Unfortunately what they don’t realise is that the lakes unique colour is due to unnaturally high levels of chemical contamination.


The lake is reportedly the by-product of a Second World War tungsten mine and the water contains potentially dangerous levels of chemicals.

The mine was created during the First World War to mine an iron manganese tungstate mineral used to craft light bulb filaments. However it eventually closed in the 1980’s leaving behind the now popular lake.

Social media ‘influencer’ Uxía recently posted a picture at the lake and later complained that she came away with a painful rash and vomiting symptoms. But according to another post from the Instagrammer her rash was “a little bad, yes, but the picture was worth it”.


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