Brit ‘assaulted medics’ in Mallorca’s Magaluf

 NOT AGAIN: Fifth assault on Palma medics in a week. Credit: SAMU061IB/Twitter 

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A BRITISH tourist has been arrested after he allegedly tried to attack an ambulance crew who were bandaging his bleeding hand. 

The incident happened when medics were called to treat the man, who was described as drunk or intoxicated by drugs, after he apparently cut his hand when smashing a shop window in the Plaza Fornes in Magaluf, Mallorca. 

As they tried to help him it is alleged he threw several punches but failed to land any. He then ran away with Guardia Civil and Local Police in hot pursuit. They caught and arrested the man. 

Now the Union of Nursing Technicians (SAE) has denounced the attack and saying there have been five assaults on medical staff in the space of a week. 

Assaults on health workers are deemed a serious offence and can carry up to four years jail. 

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