Vera’s beaches are now smoke-free zones

Smoke-free beaches
BENEFITS: Non-smokers will not be bothered by other peoples’ smoke and beaches will be cigarette butt-free. CREDIT: Vera Council

Vera’s beaches are now smoke-free zones

THE municipality has joined the Junta de Andalucia Health and Families’ Department Smoking Plan Network, which is running a campaign aimed at raising awareness about tobacco use and at promoting initiatives which create areas where smoking is not allowed.

The idea is to help prevent people from taking up smoking and to assist anyone trying to kick the habit. A further advantage is that non-smokers will be not be bothered by smokers’ fags.

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The council hopes the beach smoking ban will also mean a cleaner coastline without the litter of cigarette butts.

Cigarette ends take between five and 10 years to decompose, and contaminate the sea and have a negative impact on marine life.

The local authority has signed up Vera to the Andalucia Smoking Plan Network for the next four years. The council said the move demonstrated its “commitment to developing a common active prevention strategy, making the population aware of maintaining our beaches free of tobacco smoke.”


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