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Prisoner deaths have increased in Spain

Prisoner deaths have increased in Spain

LAST year 210 prisoners died in Spanish custody, 63 more than in 2017.

Of those, 154 inmates died inside prisons, while the rest passed away in hospitals. The data was provided following a question from Bildu MP Jon Iñarritu, who requested figures for the past two years and the causes of death.

Nearly 30 per cent of these deaths (61 people) was due to drug abuse. This is the figure that has risen the most with compared to 2017, when the number of deaths due to drugs was 28.

Half of the deaths, 105, were due to natural causes and another four from HIV. There were 33 suicides, 30 occurred in prisons. Badajoz prison, with four suicides, had the highest number of deaths from this cause.

By total number of deaths, the Andalusian prisons of Puerto 1, Puerto 3 and Sevilla-Morón are the ones that lost the most inmates, 35 in total.

In 2018 there was one death from violence, the same figure as the previous year, and five deaths from accidents.