I just need a yes or no

Boris Johnson Credit: Shutterstock

THIS week the news is full of who’s going to be the new UK PM. At the time of writing it is looking like it has to be Boris, but there is a chance it might not because of his punch up with his girlfriend, so it might be Hunt.

I actually don’t care who it is, but it does p**s me off the way these people conduct themselves. Boris refuses to discuss the goings on at his girlfriend’s flat because it’s nothing to do with the great British unwashed, but the next day releases a picture of them having a nice little drink somewhere.

The only problem is that picture was taken sometime before and for some reason the BJ publicity machine thought no-one would notice that his hair is long in that picture and on the day of the punch up it was short. Just another BJ lie. The man is a disgrace. Forget about the lies he told about Brexit.


Johnson was hired by The Times, through family connections, and fired for a front-page fabrication within months. In November 2004, Boris Johnson was shadow arts minister under Michael Howard, Conservative Vice-Chair, and editor of the Spectator when it was reported in multiple tabloids that he had a years-long affair with one of the magazine’s columnists, which had resulted in two terminated pregnancies.

He denied it and when it was proven, he lied. He was asked to resign, but refused. So he was sacked again, for dishonesty! The man’s just a pathological liar. But my biggest grump with him and, to be honest, with all politicians is their refusal to answer a direct question with a simple yes or no. In BJ’s case it’s even worse. He won’t even go on TV and debate his policies with Hunt. If I was conducting an agreed interview, I would ask him a question and say I just need a yes or no answer.

If he went off on a waffle fest, I’d just say, OK interview over BJ, on yer bike son. If you can’t give a simple answer to a simple question, I’m not wasting my time with you. And, I would do that with every one of them. Or maybe they should all preface every answer with ‘I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me’ then everyone can make their own minds up.


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