Pamplona police arrest suspect over alleged groping of woman during Running of the Bulls festival

ARREST: The alleged groping took place during the San Fermin festival. Credit: Shutterstock

MUNICIPAL POLICE officers in Pamplona have arrested a man in connection with the alleged groping of a woman in a public toilet during the city’s San Fermin festival.

Police sources said the arrest was made at about 8am on Monday, shortly after it was alleged to have taken place. Provincial police officers have since taken over the investigation.

It comes as thousands of people are in the Navarra city for the Running of the Bulls festival this week.

It also follows the high-profile La Manada (Wolfpack) case which recently saw five men convicted of rape in an appeal hearing. The assault took place in Pamplona during San Fermin.

The men were found guilty of leading a woman, who was 18 at the time, into the basement of a block of flats where they raped her and filmed it.


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