Hero police save man from burning building in Madrid

Hero police save man from burning building
Hero police save man from burning building Credit: Shutterstock

Hero police save man from burning building in Madrid

FOUR National Police men have saved the life of a 25-year-old man who was trapped by a fire in a Madrid apartment block.

They also helped four more people, including a two-year-old child, escape.

The fire started at around 1am on the second floor of a building in the Chamberi district and generated a large column of smoke.


When the officers arrived at the scene, they realised that the smoke was blinding people and trapping them in the building.

Without hesitation they ran through the choking fumes to offer what help they could. On the second floor of the building, at the door of the flat where the fire had started, they found a naked and disoriented man who showed clear symptoms of smoke poisoning.

With great difficulty they managed to evacuate him from the building. They then heard cries of help from inside. Once more they braved the thick smoke. Once inside they used their torches to signal to people the way out.

The fumes were so bad that one of the officers fainted from their effects.

A total of five people were inside the building, including a two-year-old baby who needed treatment for smoke inhalation. In addition, the four policemen who initially entered the building also needed medical assistance.


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