Narco building raid uncovers large-scale marijuana production

Narco building raid uncovers large-scale marijuana production

GUARDIA Civil seized nearly 2,500 marijuana plants in a massive raid on a so-called ‘narco block’ in Roquetas de Mar. 

More than 80 officers took part in the building raid backed up by Guardia Civil helicopters. They discovered 10 different properties had been converted into illegal plantations.

This was a sophisticated setup. The plantations were kitted out with complex electrical installations and drip irrigation systems. There was even programmed music, in the belief, the Guardia said, this would promote plant growth.

Narco building raid uncovers 2,500 marijuana plants CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

The raid also uncovered 120 illegal connections to the power supply and 20 unauthorised water supply connections.

Two individuals from Roquetas, an 18-year old and a 41-year old, face charges for crimes against public health and defrauding the power supply. Another 13 people are under investigation for misappropriation of a building.