Young Irish man raped in Magaluf

Young Irish man raped in Magaluf
MAGALUF: Young Irish man raped in Magaluf

Young Irish man raped in Magaluf

A YOUNG Irish man has been raped in Magaluf by two men.

The 19-year-old victim is said to have been enticed into a Punta Ballena brothel in Palma by two prostitutes with the promise of a strip show.

When the teen, who was described as very drunk, said he felt uncomfortable and besides had no money, he was thrown out via a back door. It was then that two men, aged about 40, assaulted him.


After his ordeal the victim found his friends, from whom he had become separated earlier in the evening, and told them what had happened at about 5.30am on Sunday (July 7).

He was taken to the Spanish island’s Son Espases Hospital, where doctors confirmed he had injuries compatible with being sexually assaulted. National Police investigators confirmed he had been raped.

Police officers interviewed him, but while he said he could identify the prostitutes and his attackers, he did not want to press charges. It has been reported by Guardia Civil that this was because he felt ‘ashamed’ at what had happened and just wanted to leave Mallorca and get home.


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