Spain prepares for possible airport chaos

Spain prepares for airport chaos
Spain prepares for airport chaos this summer Credit: Shutterstock

Spain prepares for possible airport chaos

THIS summer Spain plans to be prepared for potential airport chaos with the possibilities of strikes and delays.

Last year was one of the worst for delays and strikes at Spanish airports, admitted Javier Gandara, president of the ALA airlines association and EasyJet’s director general in Spain.

There would be no repetition this year, especially in airports like Barcelona’s El Prat, he pledged.

“We are confident that Spain is doing everything to ensure that this year is better,” Gandara said.

Collaboration between airlines and public and European bodies at El Prat has been “fundamental,” he added.

Last summer, Ryanair strikes coincided with those of air controllers in Marseilles, problems with Spain’s own air controllers, bad weather, security problems, the continual increase in European air traffic and Vueling’s lack of capacity.

El Prat was the most affected as 70 per cent of its traffic enters Marseilles’ air space but this year some flights will use different routes to avoid the problem.

The national government is also committed to increasing El Prat’s own air controllers while Vueling will have 10 reserve planes.

If the El Prat measures prove successful, these could be applied to other Spanish airports, Gandara revealed.


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