Albanians planning to enter UK illegally detained at Almeria airport

OBJECTIVE: Police said both Albanians had been planning to enter the UK illegally. CREDIT: Almeria Police press office

POLICE have detained two Albanians carrying false documentation at Almeria airport, reporting they had both been planning to fly to Ireland and from there enter the UK.

Officers arrested Albanian national 24-year old D.C. on June 18 during a border control on non-Schengen Area departures. Police said he was attempting to board a flight to Dublin.

He presented a Greek passport which turned out to be fake.

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The second arrest was last week. Again Dublin was the planned destination. Police said 40-year old G.G. handed over a Slovenian passport, on which there were a number of anomalies in the security features.

Both individuals had suitcases with false bottoms in which officers found fake Greek and Albanian driving licences and IDs.

According to police the objective of both was to get into the UK illegally. They said they had first contacted criminal organisations specialising in people trafficking and the production of high-quality copies of documents. They then flew from Greece to Spain to travel on from Almeria to Ireland.


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