Two teenagers arrested after punch-up video goes viral in Aguadulce

TWO teenagers are under arrest on charges of inflicting grievous bodily harm after a video of a punch-up in Aguadulce went viral.

One victim told the Guardia Civil they were outside a nightspot in Aguadulce in the early hours of the morning when a lad approached him and started insulting and repeatedly hitting him in the face.

One of the blows caused an injury which bled so much that he fell to the ground. He said his attacker carried on thumping him while he was down.

The attack turned into a two against two fight. The original attacker’s mate used a belt to whack the two others.

Witnesses recorded the brawl and posted the video to social media.

A number of people meanwhile went to the assistance of the victims and called the emergency services. Both were taken to Roquetas health centre.

The suspected aggressors made off before the Guardia Civil arrived. Interviews with witnesses and an examination of the information shared on social media led to the arrest of J.M.M. and G.L.M., both 19 and both from Roquetas.

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