Drugs trafficking gang caught in Palma, Mallorca

NATIONAL Police have broken up a drugs trafficking gang in Palma (Mallorca).

In a two-phase operation they made 15 searches, arrested 19 people and seized more than two kilos of hashish, 14 kilos of marihuana, 310 grammes of cocaine and just over €55,000. They also confiscated equipment useful for the preparation of drugs.

The criminal organisation was made up of Spanish, Bulgarian, Nigerian and South American citizens.

As well as investigating the arrested men for drugs offences, police are also looking into potential animal abuse offences as some of them are thought to have been implicated in organising cock fights.

In the first phase of the operation five people were arrested during five searches and two kilos of hashish discovered. A few days later on June 14, another four arrests were made and one kilo of marihuana, 160 grammes of hashish, material for preparing the drug and €25,700 in cash was found

The second phase of the operation, which was executed last Wednesday (July 3) involved 13 arrests and 10 searches.

Some 310 gramme of cocaine, remnants of cut substances and elements to adulterate and ‘cut’ drugs and precision scales were seized.

They also found 13 kilos and 181 grammes of marihuana ready for sale, and two marihuana plantations.

Police also discovered 140 fighting cocks and 115 individual cages.

The agents confiscated €29,800. The investigation is ongoing and police do not rule out more arrests.

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