Animal rights campaigners launch bid to end use of calves in ‘becerradas’ bullfights

BAN CALL: PACMA wants the use of calves in bullfights outlawed. Credit: Shutterstock

AN ANIMAL rights group has launched a new campaign to end the use of calves in bullfights across Spain and has asked the public to help map the practice.

The Party against Animal Mistreatment (PACMA) has launched a petition calling for the end of the use of calves in El Espinar, Segovia Province. The town is one of hundreds across Spain which uses young cows in so-called ‘becerradas’ fights, according to the activists.

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“Small calves, some just a few months old, no bigger than a mastiff and who have not even grown their horns are stabbed to death in a macabre ritual of blood and torture,” PACMA said.

The group said it would not be satisfied until the use of calves, some a few months old, is outlawed. It comes as the town is set to stage a bullfight featuring calves on Thursday July 25.

PACMA has also called for people to help it create a ‘map of shame’ showing the towns which still use calves in bullfights.


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