Extra medical service for summer months in Vera Playa

Extra medical service for summer months
ESSENTIAL: Vera’s Mayor said the Puerto Rey centre guarantees medical attention for residents and tourists in July and August, when the municipality’s population triples. CREDIT: Vera Council

VERA is providing additional medical services for the peak holiday season.

The Puerto Rey health centre is open throughout July and August “with the aim of guaranteeing medical attention in the municipality” in the summer months”, commented Vera Mayor, Jose Carmelo Jorge Blanco.

The Mayor described the Puerto Rey service as “essential reinforcement for offering quality services which complement the municipality’s tourism offer, making it more attractive to visitors.”

He also said the local council intends to “try and reach a consensus” with the Andalucia regional government on keeping the Puerto Rey Centre open all year.

The Mayor visited the coastal zone centre last week, accompanied by the Junta de Andalucia’s Health and Families delegate in Almeria, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, Almeria North Area Health Management chief Jose Miguel Medina, and Vera Health councilllor Catiana Soriano.

De la Cruz Belmonte said the opening of the Puerto Rey centre formed part of his department’s plan of “reinforcing assistance and accessibility to health services for all tourists who visit us in summer, especially in areas like Vera, a locality with large numbers of tourists, which triples its population in July and August.”

The delegate maintained the regional health department is committed to “providing all the support necessary, both material and in human resources and personnel, to continue offering the assistance which the population of Vera and visiting tourists deserve.”

The Puerto Rey centre has two consulting rooms, and is staffed by an Andalucia Health Service doctor, nurse and medical technician, and an administrative assistant provided by Vera Council on reception.

Jose Carmelo Jorge Blanco stressed the medical centre in Vera town, which has an emergency service, remains functioning as normal.


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