Toyota ready for 2020 Dakar Rally challenge except for Fernando Alonso’s signature

ALONSO IS BACK: F1 Driver rejoins the game Credit: Shutterstock

AS far as Toyota is concerned everything is ready to go as far as their 2020 Dakar Rally challenge is concerned – except for the signature of Fernando Alonso.

Toyota has everything, absolutely everything, ready for the Asturian to take his place in the driving seat.

The Japanese team was confident that after concluding the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the World Endurance Championship, and being free of sporting commitments, that they would have their man.


But it would seem Alonso is reluctant to commit himself until F1 power politics play themselves out. The word is that he feels there may be a chance of a seat for him at one of the top two teams – Mercedes or Ferrari – next season.

That would be enough to tempt him back and put any plans he had for the Dakar Rally on hold.

Technically he would have time to do both, as the rally and F1 pre-season do not clash, but Alonso knows he would be expected to challenge for the title if he were to end up back in F1. That would require full commitment.


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