Worrying statistics for abandoned animals in Spain

Jail time for Brit accused of abusing 170 animals
Jail time for Brit accused of abusing 170 animals. Credit: Shutterstock

A RECENT study carried out by the Affinity Dog Foundation has revealed statistics from 2018 that show the number of abandoned dogs and cats has remained at a constant yet again. 

The same study has been carried out for the past 20 years, and during the past 10 years figures were decreasing, however since 2015 the figures have remained at a constant level, sparking concerns of the wellbeing of the countY’s abandonment issue.

During 2018, 104,688 dogs and 33,719 cats were collected by animal shelters and protectors which is roughly the same figure for the past four years.


The figures are worrying, explains the director of Affinity: “Ten years ago we began to see a decrease in the number of dropouts in our country, but as of 2015 it has stopped and we are seeing that the figure is maintained over time.”

The main causes of abandoned animals is unwanted litters, whilst the end of hunting season and personal circumstances sit close behind.

The centre urges for more understanding of animal behaviour and understanding of the responsibility involved with owning an animal. They also stated the importance of having your dog or cat identified with a microchip.  


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