Archaeologists are on a hunt for Europe’s oldest mosque near Madrid

Madrid could hold the secret of Europe’s oldest Mosque. Credit: Shutterstock

AN archaeologist and historian from Harvard are looking into the possibility that an area near Madrid could be hiding Europe’s earliest mosque.

A team of excavators are currently working on a site to try and find the remains of the ancient city of Reccopolis, an old Visigothian city which was taken over by Muslim conquerors in the early 9th century.

Michael McCormack has explained that recent discoveries on the site have uncovered a large building structure that has all the hallmarks of being a mosque with the layout of the floor plan similar to what is found in the Middle East.

The “front” of the structure also faces Islam’s holiest site, Mecca.

If excavations prove successful, the discovery would mark a landmark in Spain’s prominence in Muslim culture.


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