Wrong arrival as woman gives birth at bus stop in Mallorca

HELP: Police had to turn into midwives. Credit: PoliciadePalma/Twitter

A WOMAN has given birth in a Playa de Palma (Mallorca) street after she decided to catch the bus to get to hospital.

Unfortunately for her, the baby decided to arrive before the bus did, so it was left to a Local Police patrol to help welcome the new born into this world. An ambulance crew arrived soon afterwards to take over and confirmed that mother and baby were in perfect condition.

The drama had started when the woman realised the birth was imminent and it was time to go to hospital.


But rather than catch a taxi she, her husband and their young son walked to the bus stop at around midnight.

While there she went into labour and it was left to two police officers to turn midwives for the happy event.

The proud father thanked the police officers profusely, then asked them what the name of the street was. From that moment on he started to call the new born “Llaut.”



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