Sevilla Atletico footballer causes death crash in Zapopan, Mexico

speeding in Zapopan, Mexico. Credit: Shutterstock

JOAO MALECK, a Sevilla Atletico footballer, was involved in a traffic accident that killed two newly-weds in Zapopan, Mexico.

The accident occurred while the 20-year-old player was speeding in Zapopan and rammed the rear of the car belonging to a young couple who had married only the day before.

According to early reports in the Mexican media, Maleck was over the drink-driving limit when the accident occurred.


He was first taken into custody to a health centre for medical attention and later to the Zapopan police station.

“We demand that he feels the full force of the law for irresponsibly taking the lives of two innocent people,” said the local mayor, Pablo Lemus.


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