Court upholds decision to sack funeral driver for playing pop music while with deceased’s daughter

DISMISSAL UPHELD: The driver listened to flamenco and rumba on the way to the service (file photo). Credit: Shutterstock

AN EXTREMADURA court has ruled a funeral director was right to dismiss a driver who played pop music and smoked while driving the daughter of a deceased to a service.

The First Social Court of Caceres ruled the driver had been ‘inconsiderate’ and ‘humiliated’ the woman when he played flamenco and rumba music on the way to the funeral.

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Judges also ruled the driver would have been aware that he was tarnishing the funeral director’s reputation, further justifying his dismissal.

The court heard the driver had listened to music and smoked all the way to the service in the village of Valencia de Alcantara around Christmas. The deceased family filed a complaint against the company three months later.


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