Spain ‘strongly’ condemns suicide bombings in Tunis

CONDEMNED: Spain passed its condolences on to the family of a man killed in the Tunis attacks. Credit: Shutterstock

SPAIN has said it ‘strongly’ condemns two attacks which killed one and injured several others in the Tunisian capital yesterday (Thursday).

The Foreign Affairs Ministry said it wanted to pass the condolences of Spain onto the family of the police officer who was killed in one of the two separate attacks.


One bombing took place on Tunis’ Charles de Gaulle Street and the other near to a police station in the city’s al-Qarjini district.

Tunisian Prime Minister Yusef Chahed said his country was committed to fighting terrorism and added such attacks had ‘no place’ in the country. It is not currently known who was responsible.

The attack came ahead of Tunisia’s peak summer tourist season and elections due to be held in the coming months.

The country has been rocked by unrest since the overthrow of the authoritarian regime of Zine Abidine Ben Ali in 2011. A state of emergency was declared in 2015 and remains in place.


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