Heatwave claiming lives as young man dies of heat exhaustion in Cordoba

SCORCHING: Temperatures across Spain and Europe are soaring, already causing several deaths. Credit: Shutterstock

A YOUNG man aged 17 has died of heat exhaustion as Spain and much of Europe bakes in an extreme heatwave.

The youth was rushed to the Reina Sofía hospital in the Andalusian city of Cordoba on Thursday. He had been working in the fields when he started to feel dizzy. He jumped in the pool of the farm where he was working in order to cool down, then went into convulsions.

The young man, who was from the village of Castro del Rio, died the same night.

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He is not the only victim of the heat. A 93-year-old man died the same afternoon in Santiago de Valladolid, also from heat stroke. He collapsed while walking to the dentist, with sources reporting he may have been wearing too many clothes in the 37 degree Celsius heat.

In Mallorca police are investigating whether the death of a 60-year-old man is also the result of the heatwave, while in Murcia a man aged 50 has been hospitalised due to the effects of heat.


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