Are we easy targets?

free TV licences for over 75s except those receiving pension credits

LAST week the BBC announced they were scrapping free TV licences for over 75s except those receiving pension credits. The BBC was told that it could increase the licence fee if it covered free TV licences for over 75s, but now seem to have broken the terms of that deal. How do they get away with it? They made a deal, that’s it.

Anyway they have got away with it, but they shouldn’t and the government shouldn’t let them. It was probably always going to happen with scumbag, lying politicians and a massive corporation involved. But it doesn’t have to happen. If I was in charge this is how I would solve it. 

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Advertisements. In this day and age every single bit of media exists because of advertising. It’s not the dark ages for goodness sake. I’m not even talking about normal advertising like ITV or many other stations. One idea is that every programme is sponsored by one company.

They already do product placement. It would stop the silly bits of duct tape on people’s hats, sweatshirts etc. I mean, how daft is that anyway? Another way it could be funded is by taking the lead from many apps that you have on your ‘phone. Have BBC Premium, which keeps it advert free and you pay the licence fee that you pay now or even charge a bit more.

Or have BBC Light, which is free, but has ad breaks like the other 500 TV channels I have now. But either way the 75+ group wouldn’t have to pay.  It really annoys me how often this type of thing happens to OAPs.  Is it just we’re easy targets and believed to be of no use to them?

By now everybody knows my thoughts about Donald Trump and I know that his hard core followers think he can do no wrong, but even ignoring his lies, his racist, homophobic, misogynistic remarks and his all-round, just plain ignorance he has manged to sink to a new low.

He is now re-tweeting Katie Hopkins in his ramblings and if you don’t know how bad that is, google Katie Hopkins. Here’s a small resume. She’s the one that was fired from LBC in the UK after a tweet that called for a ‘final solution’ to Islamic terrorism, which, some suggested, was a reference to the extermination of Jewish people by Hitler. I don’t think anything else has to be said about her but it just confirms my feelings about Trump.

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