Majority of migrants who drown off Spanish coasts are never found

Less than a quarter of migrants who have crossed the Mediterranean have been found. Credit: Shutterstock

SINCE the start of 2018, more than 1,000 migrants have reportedly died crossing the Mediterranean to Spain from North Africa.

According to a Spanish group, less than a quarter of those crossing have been found.

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Migrant rights NGO, Caminando Fronteras, said in a report that only the remains of 204 migrants have been retrieved out of the 1,020 believed to have perished.

She added that 12 boats carrying the migrants to Spain have gone missing on their voyage across the Mediterranean Sea since the beginning of 2018.

Due to restrictions on immigration by Italy and other countries, Spain last year became the preferred route to Europe.

Many of these migrants have crossed the 15 kilometre Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco in small, very overcrowded inflatable boats.

According to activists, European countries are leaving sea rescues to North African countries who have fewer resources and skill, potentially putting lives in danger.


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