“Hell is coming”, weather forecaster warns as temperatures soar across Europe

. Credit: Shutterstock

“HELL is coming”, Spanish weather presenter Silvia Laplana warned as Europe braces itself for a suffocating heatwave.

Meteorologists blame a 2,000 mile wide plume of hot Saharan air sweeping across the continent for pushing temperatures up to potentially dangerous levels over the coming days.

Experts say thermometers could rise to up to 40 degrees in countries including France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands, hitting record levels for June and potentially reaching all-time highs.


Southern and western parts of the UK are also expected to experience exceptional, muggy heat this week.

In parts of northern and central Spain temperatures could be hovering in the low to mid-40s by the weekend. It is expected to be particularly sweltering in Catalona, where it could get to a stifling 45 degrees.

The authorities advise staying out of the sun, avoiding physical activities during the day and drinking plenty of liquids.


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