Assault arrest for Aguadulce bar beating

Thanks to a thorough investigation, the Guardia Civil of Antequera managed to find the two suspects and both have been sentenced to jail this week. CREDIT: Guardia Civil

A 22-YEAR old is under arrest for beating up and seriously injuring a man in an Aguadulce bar.

The victim told Guardia Civil the aggressor had approached him one night back in May, and without saying a word began whacking him on the head, causing him to fall to the ground. He said the suspect kept on hitting him even while he was on the floor.

Several people stepped in to try and stop the beating and to help the victim, and the attacker made off.

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When the emergency services arrived they rushed the victim to the Poniente hospital. He was later transferred to the Torrecardenas hospital in Almeria city, where he was treated for trauma and a fracture to his left eye socket.

Guardia investigations to identify the aggressor and to place him in the bar on the night of the attack led to the detention of the young man identified as J.P.R. from Roquetas de Mar.


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