Brazilian woman murdered in Cordoba

DOUBLE KILLER: Salvador Ramirez kills for the second time Credit: Shutterstock

ANA LUCIA DA SILVA, a Brazilian woman of 45, was murdered in Cordoba by Salvador Ramirez.

She died as the result of a murder-suicide because her body and Ramirez’s were found with knife wounds when the emergency services were called out to a fire in their apartment.

In the media Da Silva was described as the thousandth known gender violence victim since records began in 2003 but she was the 1,001st, as she was Ramirez’s second victim.


In 2002 he half-strangled 22-year-old mother-of-three Amanda del Carmen with the cord of an electric iron before drowning her in the bath to prevent her from leaving him.

Manuel Gutierrez Luna, the judge who tried Ramirez in Cadiz, remembers his coldness and belief that he was entitled to kill Amanda del Carmen. “There was no remorse,” Gutierrez Luna said.

In prison, Ramirez was a model prisoner who attended a course on gender violence although a prison psychologist pointed out later this would have earned him remission.

He left prison on probation in 2017 with encouraging reports that did not picture him as a repeat offender. Until it was too late.


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