A man killed ex-girlfriend and buried her under the floor in Terrassa

ARRESTED: Suspected thief who spat at and threatened plain-clothed cop. CREDIT: Twitter (file pic)

THE ex-partner of a woman found buried under a workshop floor of their shared home has been remanded in custody accused of her killing.

Jaume Badiella, 54, is said to have broken down and confessed to being responsible for the death of Mónica Borràs Villaró, 49, when police investigating her disappearance dug up her body.

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Badiella was watching at the time as officers lifted tiles in his home in Terrassa to make the gruesome discovery. They had used radar to pinpoint the location. Badiella has since invoked his right to silence.

He has always denied any responsibility for the disappearance of his former partner last August. He was the one who reported her missing. Although they were no longer romantically involved, they still shared a two-storey house in the Catalan town.

The suspect maintained that she has stormed out of the house after one of her periodic outbursts that she received medication for.

Police were highly suspicious as she left behind her mobile phone, keys and car behind. After several months of investigation, the Mossos d’Esquadra Catalan regional police gained a warrant to arrest the suspect and search his home.


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