Costa Blanca expat hospitalised with e-coli sparks fears over sewage in the street

UNHYGIENIC: Sewage running into the road

EXPATS Paul and Jean Parkes have lived in Orihuela in Costa Blanca South for 15 years – the last five of which they say they have been plagued by their neighbour who floods the roads outside with sewage. Jean has now been in hospital for the past week after apparently contracting e-coli.

“He comes out with a bucket of stagnant water ridden with human faeces, usually at night and waters his plants with it,” Paul told EWN, adding that the reason for this unhygienic and dangerous practice is that, “his water was cut off five years prior so he got a plumber to tap the sewage line that runs under all of the houses in the street.”

The neighbour also apparently uses the water to wash himself with. Other members of the community have complained saying that he has somewhere in the realm of 20 geese and, after cleaning them out with the already tainted water, then proceeds to shovel their waste into the street as well.


The legal firm Comunidades, which specialises in conflicts amongst neighbours has advised those with disputes such as this to refer to article 7.2 of the Ley de Propiedad Horizontal which submits that ‘The owner or occupant of the flat or premises is not allowed to develop in or around it activities which are harmful to communal areas or cause annoyance, harm, illness, danger or illicit activities.’ They also urge people to consider article 9.1a which refers to the tampering of general installations as being punishable by law.

Police have been notified but Paul said they seem indifferent to the situation.

One officer apparently told Paul: “I don’t know how you put up with it,” as he drove by and swerved the mess, refusing to walk in it. The council has been made aware but as of yet no investigation into the case has taken place.

The neighbour has been unavailable for comment.


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