Cartagena’s own V-Fest

FIESTA: Cartagena hosts its fifth musical extravaganza. CREDIT: Cartagena Ayuntamiento

THE YOUTH of Cartagena are taking to the streets today to perform a variety of music ranging from DJ sets to orchestral scores in the annual V-Fiesta.

The street festival had great success last year when over 100 artists showed up, this year for its fifth anniversary they expect an even bigger turn out. The Department of Youth in Cartagena have prepared an exciting program for today and yesterday, packed with bands and soloists covering almost every music genre in a plethora of noise, all of whom play completely for free.

On top of the music there will be free activities to enjoy such as a guided art exhibition celebrating the street art in the area, a drum workshop this evening at 7pm, and various dance groups performing throughout the day.

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Open-mic sections have been allocated in certain areas around the city such as Plaza San Sebastian where anyone can jump in and perform from 7-10pm. And around 9pm tonight, in Plaza San Sebastian, the activity ‘piano libre’ will take place.


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