Biggest heroin haul in Spain so far this year

National Police has found the largest heroin stash in Spain this year Credit: Shutterstock

NATIONAL POLICE have seized the largest find of heroin in Spain so far this year.

The 13.5 kilo stash in the town of Nambroca in Toledo is also the biggest find of the drug ever made in the province.

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One man was arrested in the operation, which saw police dismantle a secret laboratory where high purity heroin was cut with other substances to later sell on at a big profit.

The property also concealed a marihuana plantation growing 1,283 cannabis plants and everything points to the detainee being at an intermediate to high level in a drug distribution ring, according to police.

The investigation began a month and a half ago after a tip-off from neighbours.

Police discovered the detainee is on the run from a prison sentence and have handed him over to the judicial authorities


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