Madrid man sentenced over plot to kill his mother

Madrid man sentenced for attempted murder of his mother Credit: Shutterstock

Enrique Blasco appeared in front of the Provincial Court of Madrid and was sentenced to nine years in prison for the attempted murder of his mother.

His 74-year-old mother had severe Alzheimer’s and Enrique was her full time carer, the court heard.

On March 30, 2015 Enrique taped up the doors to his Madrid home and turned on the gas to the property with the pair inside, in an apparent attempt to end both of their lives.


However the police were alerted after neighbours noticed a strong smell of gas in the building. The authorities quickly arrived at the scene and the accused eventually let the police in after removing the tape from the doors.

Gas detection devices took readings of the levels in the apartment of 100 per cent and an exceptionally high risk of explosion.

Blasco was sentenced to nine years for attempted murder but still protests his innocence.

He is reported as saying that “[My mother] is the most important person in my life, the one I’ve loved most, I love and I’ll always love”.


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