I wish we had one of him

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Made a very favourable impression on his visit Credit: Shutterstock

LOVE him or hate him. Laugh or lampoon him. I wish we had one of him. It’s Donald Trump I’m referring to.

Personally I think his recent State visit was pretty successful. At least it managed to show up a few of our own so-called statesmen in their true colours. Not the least Jeremy Corbyn. This man is supposed to be a potential leader of the country – Ha! I wouldn’t trust him to run a London bus.

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We have the President of our greatest and strongest ally visiting, on what I considered a brilliantly selected occasion for our two countries, and this so-called contender for number 10, the leader of the opposition, who has condoned terrorist organisations and supports Communist regimes, refuses to break bread with the Queen of the realm and the leader of the free world – basically because he doesn’t like some of his policies! I mean how juvenile and utterly ridiculous can you get?

Not only that, he chooses instead, to address a (much smaller than anticipated or reported) rabble of lefties, at a rally comprising mainly of followers epitomised by an overweight (ex) NHS worker, with a ring through her nose and purple hair, screaming ‘Nazi Scum’ into the face of an OAP who dares to display ‘Welcome Trump’ on his hat. Corbyn’s speech to these people (that included a large number of burkas, which are of course worn by the voters he thinks will put him in number 10!) reminded me of the Hyde Park rantings of the 60’s, which were orated mainly by leading dropouts, to gatherings of other motely unwashed dropouts, who opted for anything other than actually getting a job! Future Prime Minister? I would make a better Prime Minister than this antiquated leftie. Vote for meee!

Trump just about managed to retain his dignity when voicing his opinion of that other childish creep, London’s Mayor Khan, who he described as a ‘stone cold loser.’ I thought this was pretty mild, considering he once again encouraged the raising of that ridiculous ‘blimp’ over London, which just about sums up the mentality of a man who doesn’t like Trump, purely because the American President doesn’t want his country overrun with benefit chasing Muslim or Mexican immigrants! As for Trump’s unfortunate boo boo, with his remark on the NHS.

This was obviously a mistake in the heat of a Q and A session, from a man who comes from a country far away that is awash with the initials of whole conglomerations of different companies. NHS could have been the title of the Nuneaton Haricot Sowing organisation for all he knew. As soon as he realised the error, the following day he made it absolutely clear that there would be no meddling in the NHS whatsoever. No, I think Trump and his extremely sophisticated First Lady, made a very favourable impression on this visit. I just hope the antics of a few utterly childish members of our so-called leaders and their motley rag tag of supporters, didn’t give him the impression that the majority of the British people all follow the same lines of infantile persuasion.

Keep the faith. Love Leapy. Leapylee2002@gmail.com


  1. I would like to wish ‘Leapy’ Lee Graham a very happy 80th birthday on the second of July. Well done sir! You will have officially made 80 orbits around the sun. I’m not far behind you, but my propulsion system is failing and I’m falling out of orbit. I regret to say, much as I have enjoyed ‘rattling your cage’ so to speak, I will not be doing so any longer. It’s time for me to say farewell.
    However, (there’s always a however!) before I go I just have to ask one last time why you have so much in common with your buddy Donald Trump? (Except for his riches of course.) For example, why do you and he pour so much bile and hatred on one man in particular? i.e. Sadiq Khan. What harm has he ever done to you personally to deserve such repugnance? After all, he’s just another guy trying to do his job much like yourself. Except YOUR job is easy. Constantly moaning about everything without actually DOING something about it is a doddle. HIS job, on the other hand, is made almost impossible by a Tory government which continually cuts his police numbers and law enforcement budget against a background of ever increasing crime. A government which underfunds every public department that he is trying to make headway with. The most divisive government you and I have ever known in our long, long lives. (Think Brexit. Think immigration policy – or lack of.) In that respect he is just one man against the state – not unlike yourself Lee when you REALLY think about it! So why all the hatred, man? What’s eating you about him so much? Sadiq Khan doesn’t control Brexit. He doesn’t control immigration. He’s not all that different from yourself. Oh, except he was born a Muslim. Sorry. That’s your REAL problem, isn’t it? Just like your buddy Trump.
    Well goodbye Lee. In a funny sort of way, I’ll miss you. It’s been fun taking you on at your own game over all these years. It would have been nice to have had at least one reply from you, but hey ho, can’t expect miracles I suppose from a multi-megawatt nuclear powered one-way transmitter. Just be careful blowing out the 80 candles! You wouldn’t want to get a hosing down from the fire brigade! Now beam me up Scotty. Farewell planet Leapy.

  2. Well it’s news to me that Donald Trump was born a Muslim!!
    Goodbye Brian. I can’t say I’ll miss you but your final post was, apart from one last swipe at Leapy, surprisingly pleasant and for once I warmed to you
    I wish you well

  3. Brian,
    Well I, for one (and I may be the only one) am truly sorry to see you go. I have felt a real kinship on this road that we have travelled. Dare I say “comrades” . You are a gentleman and a very smart writer. I am sorry that your health is compromised and wish you the very best for the future. Your comments regarding Leapy Lee and Trump is spot on. Of course Mr. Lee admires Trump. It is like a mirror being held up to him that allows him to admire himself. I have recently been on to his Facebook page. Once is quite enough. If you think this is bad, think again. An almost continuous stream of the same wretched bile and vicious insults along with his fan club egging him on with more infantile and ugly comments. I am surprised that he is still allowed to be there on Facebook, in fact it seems that he is regularly censured and his postings are removed. Given what he is allowed to say, I shudder to think what was stopped. Anyway so it goes. If you wish to contact me via email, I will be happy to exchange views and information. Jonathan. whittle@shaw.ca.

  4. Hi Eagle… Guess you are getting back into UK while you still can
    You made a few strong remarks about Sadiq Khan being a Muslim that is why Trump & Leapy dislike him. Untrue my Friend he is a Racist & get away with it. All monies he gets for running London goes to Muslim Areas
    Now to Top it all he is Building a very large housing estate in North London & Guess what… Only to be occupied by Muslims !!! No UK Citizens (White ) allowed. No if a White Builder did this & built an Estate & said No Muslims Allowed. He would be crucified by PC Brigade !!!!! But okay for Sadiq Khan to say same thing & no Racist Prosecution
    Same with Corbyns Ex Girlfriend she states “” Trouble with UK is the White Man “” No Racist Prosecution
    So those 2 Examples clearly state he is not just doing his Job as You Say Eagle. He is making sure he is voted back in By passing all moneys to his kind !!!!!!!!!!!! The UK TeddyBoy

    20 June 2019


    21 June 2019
    I always find it odd that British immigrants to Spain insist on calling themselves “ex-pats” as if that is somehow a higher status than immigrant.
    David Derry
    23 June 2019
    Well said. I have had a house in fuengirola for thirty years, like the people and there way of life.i admire there attitude if you dont like it you can leave.i only ever bring money into the country.my home in england is by walsall in the west mids.i very rarely go there as it look and feels more like islamabad with all the burks.there is no intergration,only segregation.i feel more at home when in fuengirola,whitch makes me realy sad the way your town can feel so alien. keep on scrribeling as i love your articles,its nice to know other people feel the same.as you are not allowed to write such things in the british press.keeping the faith. dave west. mids.

  6. Very telling that Mr Whitless signs off to Mr Egoson as “Comrades”. Priceless, I rest my case.
    Whatever the reason for your coming absence, I wish you all the best, regardless of our vast differences.


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