‘Black Widow of Alicante’ returns to crime scene

Cold Blooded killer: “Conchi” returns to the scene of the murder for police re-enactment. CREDIT: Shutterstock

A MURDER suspect has returned to the scene of a man’s death in Alicante City as part of a police reconstruction of the killing.

Concepcion Martin Velasco, known as ‘Conchi’, and her partner Francisco Perez, are currently under arrest for the alleged murder of her husband Jose Luis who was stabbed to death in an Alicante City car park last year.

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The pair were both in cuffs and escorted by officers to the re-enactment but they refused to take part.

An off-duty police officer found the body of Jose Luis in a pool of his own blood in May 2018.

Martin Velasco was married to Jose Luis 15 days prior to his death. The investigation continues.


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