Wind powering Spain

GOING CLEAN: Endesa is investing in wind power. Credit: Endesa

WIND was responsible for a 22.6 per cent share of Spain’s power generation in May.

Some 4,655 GWh of electricity was produced by wind generators in the month as renewables accounted for 41.6 per cent of the power mix.

According to estimates from Spanish grid operator Red Electrica de España, wind power production increased by 40.2 per cent compared to May of 2018.

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Across the whole of Spain electricity demand fell by 0.8 per cent to 21,127 GWh year-on-year.

Nuclear (which is not counted as a renewable) took a 19.4 per cent share of electricity generation. Solar provided a total of 8.2 per cent, with hydropower supplying 9.2 per cent.

Coal generated just 2.3 per cent of Spain’s electricity.

Spain is making a transition to renewables as it aims to meet Paris Climate Change Agreement targets in the coming years.

Endesa’s renewable energy arm Enel Green Power España (EGPE) is in the process of adding another 540 MW of wind capacity that it was awarded in the 2017 energy auction.

Currently it has 410 MW under construction. Its latest project is to add 20MW capacity to its Los Llanos onshore wind farm in the province of Burgos. Just this stage will cost €23 million.


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