Brit resident in Spain to raise money to challenge Brexit Party with Gibraltar-Britain walk

RAISING AWARENESS: Anthony Hogan is planning a Gibraltar to Spain walk to raise money to challenge the Brexit Party. Credit: Anthony Hogan

A BRITISH resident working in Madrid has said he plans to walk from Gibraltar to Britain to raise more than €500,000 to help fight Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party in the run up to the next general election.

Anthony Hogan, originally from London, is planning to take in areas popular with British expatriates on Spain’s southern and eastern coasts as part of his journey.

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He told Euro Weekly News he wanted to show that one person could make a difference after becoming increasingly worried about the impact Brexit is having on Britain.

“Originally I didn’t get involved in the debate about leaving the EU as I wanted to see how things played.

“I understood at the time that there were concerns about British membership of the EU,” he said.

“But from last Autumn I began to think that something was really wrong,” he added.

Anthony said he decided to set off from Gibraltar because of its importance in the ongoing Brexit process.

STARTING POINT: Anthony plans to set off from Gibraltar.
Credit: Shutterstock

He said he would walk the length of the Costa del Sol to Almeria, before walking up the Costa Blanca, across the Pyrenees and through parts of France with British expatriate communities.

He then plans to cross the channel and walk to London but said he may extend the route to the north of England.

Anthony said he wanted to speak to British expatriates while travelling to gauge their views on Brexit.

The more than 3,200-kilometre walk is set to begin in Spain’s hottest month August where temperatures regularly hit 40 degrees Celsius, and last around five months if Anthony can raise the money he needs in time, he added.

Anthony plans to encourage support for his crowd fund by offering the first 2,000 people who pledge £10 (€11) the opportunity to enter into a prize draw to win a 10-day holiday in central Spain with Anthony as the winner’s guide.

Anthony said his reading of a Parliamentary report on the potential influence of disinformation and fake news on the referendum result and investigations into the financing of the VoteLeave campaign encouraged him to do something.

CONCERN: Anthony decided to act after revelations of misinformation in the referendum campaign.
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“Farage wants to take Britain out of the EU and wreck people’s lives because he has a personal issue with the bloc.

“I was talking with a friend in a bar near where I live and I thought about the £450,000 that Brexit-supporting businessman Aaron Banks donated to Nigel Farage and wondered how much of a positive difference could be made if a similar amount was given to political parties who oppose the Brexit Party and Nigel Farage, especially those who oppose sale of national assets such as the NHS,” Anthony said.

“I wanted to make a statement as an ordinary person. I wanted to stand up symbolically and tell Mr. Farage and other Brexit Party politicians: ‘You set the agenda. You’re forcing 16 million people to give up their right to be European citizens. But there’s a limit to how far you can go.’”

The Green Party and the Liberal Democrats are among the parties Anthony said he would be willing to donate money he raises to.

“The idea is to create a bloc of anti-Brexit Party MPs in Parliament who can counter-balance the influence of Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party,” Anthony said.

Anthony has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money. To donate visit:



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