Tourist into hot water

ACTION LAWS: Spanish tourist among the rule breakers in Rome tourist shake up. Credit: Flickr

The popular Italian tourist destination has recently updated its public action laws regarding improper behaviour in the capital. The new rules could have caught out a Spanish tourist Remi Sanz, who was on holiday in the city with friends.

Mr Sanz was on a stag-do with his friends and he dressed as a Roman Centurian to mark the trip, complete with plastic sword, fake armour and helmet. He was enjoying the sights of the city around the popular Trevi Fountain. But under new regulations, his actions could land him in trouble.

Local authorities have rewritten the legislative laws to bring them more up to date with modern culture to help clamp down on disruptive and uncouth behaviour.


As well as fancy dress, other infractions have been updated to include eating messily and leaving litter, dragging wheeled suitcases down historical stairs, bare chests, pub crawls, public singing and drunks. It also includes improper use of public water fountains for example, wrapping your lips around the nozzle when drinking.

Deputy Chief of Staff and Security Delegate and Rome’s City Council Marco Cardilli added, “Old regulations have been updated to the needs of a modern society.”  


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