Balearic Prosecutor’s Office pleads to Authorities to evict squatters without prior judicial measures

Calls for stricter guidelines on squatting evictions Credit: Shutterstock

The proposed legislation would give the local police authorities the permission to act to evict squatters without having to go through the long and complicated legal procedures that are involved.

The Balearic superior prosecutor, Bartolomé Barceló stated during the instruction issued on Monday, “The illegal occupation of real estate is generating a serious social and legal problem that is increasing.”

The instruction would give the local police, Policia National and the Guardia Civil the authority to evict squatters from flats and houses without prior judicial measures. Only when there is a suspicion of criminal activity will the need for further actions be needed.

Squatting has become an increasing problem in the region with many unoccupied and illegal properties being used for accommodation.

 Squatting can take numerous guises, from unauthorised habitation of abandoned properties to people living in a property past the predetermined period of time. Cases have also been recorded of habitants staying unknowingly in illegal properties.  


  1. It defies belief that in both Spain and the UK the law seems completely biased in favour of the squatter over the person who legally owns the property. What is wrong with our lawmakers that they do not seem to understand that the person who has bought and paid for a property should have precedence over someone who has broken in (in what in any other circumstance would be a criminal act) and decided to live there for free? This move is long overdue – let’s hope it succeeds and the UK follows suit. You do not need to involves courts in what is a foregone conclusion anyway, thereby wasting everyone’s time and money.


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