EU calls on Spain to boost social spending to tackle child poverty

‘HIGH RATE’: The EU said Spain should spend more on tackling child poverty. CREDIT: Shutterstock

THE EU has called on Spain to improve its support for low-income families to tackle the ‘high rate’ of child poverty.

The European Commission drew up a report on the situation facing disadvantaged Spanish families which recommended investing in the welfare system and social housing to tackle the issue.

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The Report on Spain found that the child poverty rate remained very high in Spain although it has fallen in recent years.

It also stated that Spanish spending on the welfare system remains lower than other EU member states. The number of Spanish children dropping out of school early is also ‘excessively high’, the report found.

“Efforts to reform the education system have stalled. Companies say they have trouble finding people with the necessary skills especially in regard to information technology and communications,” the report stated.

The Children’s Platform NGO said it welcomed the report and its recommendations which also including creating a High Commissioner for fighting child poverty.


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