British PM Theresa May officially stands down as Conservative leader today

STEPPING DOWN: May officially leaves office as Conservative leader today. CREDIT: Shutterstock

BRITAIN’S Prime Minister is set to officially stand down as leader of the ruling Conservatives today (Friday) as the race to succeed her begins to step up.

Theresa May is expected to say in a letter to party chairman Brandon Lewis that she will stay on as a caretaker leader until the ongoing leadership race winds up. She is also set to stay on as Prime Minister until her new successor is chosen.

May announced her resignation last month after her party pressured her to quit following multiple defeats of her draft Brexit deal in Parliament.

She said at the time that it was a matter of ‘deep regret’ to her that she had not managed to get Britain out of the EU on time.

She called for her successor to compromise with others across parliament to get the draft Withdrawal Bill passed.

May’s departure comes as the nomination process for the Conservative leadership vote closes on Monday.

The first round of Conservative MP votes is due to take place on Thursday June 13. MPs are expected to vote in five rounds until the two most popular candidates are put to a ballot of party members.

A total of 11 MPs are currently in the race to succeed May.

They include Brexiteers Boris Johnson, the former Foreign Secretary, current Environment Secretary Michael Gove and International Development Secretary Rory Stewart who has backed holding a second referendum.


  1. She is a committed REMAINER and plays her puppet masters tune.
    She is a traitor and the worst PM in British history.

    Parts of this comment were removed because they did not comply with our standards.

  2. Candidates for next Prime Minister…
    1. Michael Gove – Class A illegal drug user (multiple times.) Only owned up because a book was coming out revealing all. Lucky to have avoided prison. No awareness of how many people died, or how many lives were ruined by his drug dealer. Former Justice Secretary!
    2. Boris Johnson – Another drug user. “Messy” private life. Bull in a china shop and professional liar. Actually voted AGAINST the private member’s bill to give the money saved from Brexit to the NHS! (Absolutely true.) Ask yourself, does he have the welfare of your family at heart? Would he be good in a crisis…?
    3. Jeremy Hunt – Extremely rich. Greatest achievement – managing the ongoing decline of the NHS.
    4. Dominic Rabb – Intense. That’s all.
    5. Sajid Javid – Good at stripping Brits of their nationality when they’ve been groomed as 15 year old child brides. Good at abandoning their children until they die. Oh, and Windrush!
    6. Esther McVey – Former GMTV colleague of Lorraine Kelly. Nothing like her.
    7. Andrea Leadsom – Banking career in high finance. So that’s ok then! No good dealing with questions i.e. not as good as Theresa May!
    8. Matt Hancock – Matt who? Well, Judge Rinder knows him.
    9. Rory Stewart – Clever. But his name sounds too Scottish!
    10. Mark somebody.
    Well, who would you choose? Oh, sorry. The public don’t get to choose our next Prime Minister. Only the Tories do that. That’s democracy folks – English style.


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